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Culture and Creativity

Research Group: Culture and Creativity

Culture is an important sector in society covering the arts, heritage, museums, libraries, film, music, performing arts, design, architecture, crafts and sports. At the same time, culture has the potential to transform people, business, and society, by developing transformational capabilities, fostering creative new ideas and enhancing self-reflection and self-transformation. Culture is in the crossroad between business, entrepreneurship, civil society, and government.   

The Culture and Creativity Group covers various disciplines such as cultural studies, organization, history, sociology, anthropology, education, economics, management, art history, law, entrepreneurship and aesthetics.    

The aims and ambitions of the Culture and Creative Group include: 

  1. Bridging academic research and industry development: The group works in partnership with the both the cultural sector and leading foundations for culture and the arts.  
  2. Creating collaborative culture: To develop transformative and interdisciplinary projects within research and educational programs. 
  3. Critical reflections: Maintain and develop critical perspectives on conceptual and practical interpretations of culture 
  4. Emphasizing learning: Bridging learning with other fields through on-going research, dialogues and explorative measures. 


  • Cultural and creative industries in green transition 
  • Valuing practices 
  • Materiality and Immateriality  
  • Cultural and creative organisations and transformation 
  • Innovating business models for cultural and creative organizations for society/green in transition  
  • Art entrepreneurship  


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