Externally funded projects

As a modern business school, Copenhagen Business School seeks to attract research beneficial to both society and business. Below is a list of current and completed externally funded research projects, which Department of Business Humanities and Law are or have been involved in.

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AcronymTitleTypeStatusStartsort ascending
GLOBALVALUEGlobal Value Chain Law: Constituting Connectivity, Contracts and Corporations EU Running01-01-2023
Foucault StudiesPublic (International)Running01-01-2023
Visiting Professorship - Steven Dexter BrownPrivate (National)Running01-11-2022
Danske Bank and the Danes 1871 - 2021Private (National)Running01-09-2022
Corporate Subjects: An Intellectual History of the CorporationPrivate (National)Running01-08-2022
Craft: Making New Forms in a Broken World.Private (National)Running01-07-2022
Bylivets Sorte OmstillingPrivate (National)Running18-05-2022
Eliteforsk Travel Grant: Cristine Dyhrberg HøjgaardPublic (National)Running01-01-2022
Maecenases of Modernism. Aspects of Private and Public Collecting and Funding for Danish Art Museums, 1875-1935Private (National)Running01-01-2022
Equality, diversity and inclusion as a moralized marketPrivate (National)Running01-09-2021
Strategic Prioritization of Design Investment Through DROI Predictions: A New Way of Utilizing Design Performance DataPublic (National)Running01-07-2021
Studies of FoucaultPublic (National)Running01-01-2021
PhD Ece Gürsoy, Danske bankWomen in ManagementPublic (National)Running01-01-2021
Hacking Copyright in the 21st CenturyPublic (International)Running01-12-2020
Bygningsrelateret kunst: en dynamisk disciplinPrivate (National)Running01-09-2020
phd Martin Brandt Djupdræt fra Den Gamle ByMuseums and identityPublic (National)Running01-09-2020
Aesthetic community organizationPublic (National)Running21-02-2019
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorship - Martyna SliwaPrivate (National)Finished15-09-2022
CALLIOPECalliope: Cultural, artisanal and creative industries for the AnthropoceneFinished19-08-2022
Otto Mønsted Visiting Professorship - Lisa BurnsteinPrivate (National)Finished18-08-2022
Research Stay Yale University - Liv EgholmPrivate (International)Finished01-08-2022
Nye former for deltagelse i miljø og klima - civilsamfundets erfaringerPrivate (National)Finished04-04-2022
Visiting professorship - Eric K. ClemonsPrivate (National)Finished01-02-2022
CHERUBINIEUopStart - Cultural HERitage in Urban and rural tranformatIoNPrivate (National)Finished01-01-2022
EUopSTART - Traditional crafts for green and circular futurePublic (National)Finished01-11-2021
The Politics of Comparison: When States Compete in SportPublic (National)Finished01-10-2021
Confessionalization in Society and the Ethical Neutrality of CompaniesPublic (National)Finished01-07-2021
FEMEVIDEMEUopstart - Feminisms for a new age of democracyPublic (National)Finished08-06-2021
Emergency Politics in Nordic Democracies: The Civil Society PerspectivePublic (International)Finished01-01-2021
Foucault Studies 2021-2022Public (International)Finished01-01-2021