Entrepreneurship, Ethics & Leadership Unit


At the Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership Unit, we delve into business venturing dynamics, responsible decision-making, and the vital intersection of entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership, fostering sustainable practices through rigorous research and professional teaching.

Profile picture First name Last name title phone mail
Flora Antoniazzi Flora Antoniazzi PhD fellow +4538153751 fan.bhl@cbs.dk
Ester Barinaga Professor with special responsibilities eb.bhl@cbs.dk
Anders Theis Bollmann PhD fellow +4538153659 atbo.bhl@cbs.dk
Charlotte Cator Charlotte Cator PhD fellow +4538153742 cc.bhl@cbs.dk
Caroline Demeyere Caroline Demeyére Postdoc +4538153538 cd.bhl@cbs.dk
Lauren Eaton Lauren Eaton PhD fellow +4538153513 lea.bhl@cbs.dk
cl Claudia Eger Associate professor +4538152594 ce.bhl@cbs.dk
egholm Liv Egholm Associate professor +4538153587 le.bhl@cbs.dk
Alexander Elg PhD fellow +4538153644 ae.bhl@cbs.dk
Adam Frost Adam Frost Postdoc +4538153748 af.bhl@cbs.dk
Christian Garmann Johnsen Associate professor +4538154293 cgj.bhl@cbs.dk
Marta Gasparin Marta Gasparin Associate professor +4538153626 mga.bhl@cbs.dk
Ece Gursoy Ece Gürsoy PhD fellow +4538153622 eg.bhl@cbs.dk
Per_Hansen_Profile Per H. Hansen Professor +4538153214 phh.bhl@cbs.dk
Daniel Hjorth Daniel Hjorth Professor +4538152653 dh.bhl@cbs.dk
Robin Holt Robin Holt External lecturer +4538153660 rh.bhl@cbs.dk
cristine dyhrberg Cristine Dyhrberg Højgaard PhD fellow cdh.bhl@cbs.dk
Dummy profile picture Kurt Jacobsen Professor +4538152523 kj.bhl@cbs.dk
Søren Henning Jensen Søren Henning Jensen Associate professor +4538153819 shj.bhl@cbs.dk
Nicolai Christian Øllegaard Jepsen PhD fellow +4538153684 ncoj.bhl@cbs.dk
Christina Juhlin Christina Juhlin PhD fellow +4538153763 cj.bhl@cbs.dk
Sharon Kishik Sharon Kishik PhD fellow +4538153640 sk.bhl@cbs.dk
Anne Cecilie Kvium Anne Cecilie Rathschau Kvium PhD fellow acrk.bhl@cbs.dk
Anders La Cour Anders La Cour Associate professor +4538153553 alc.bhl@cbs.dk
Ann Christina Lange Ann-Christina Lange Associate professor Leave: 01.08.23-31.07.25 al.bhl@cbs.dk
Profile picture Lubinski Christina Lubinski Professor +4538152664 cl.bhl@cbs.dk
Joachim Lund Associate professor +4538153262 jl.bhl@cbs.dk
Enrico Macciò PhD fellow +4538153687 ema.bhl@cbs.dk
Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen Cathrine Bjørnholt Michaelsen Assistant professor +4538153586 cbm.bhl@cbs.dk
Alice Neusiedler Alice Neusiedler PhD fellow an.bhl@cbs.dk
Dummy profile picture Martin Friis Nielsen Postdoc mfn.bhl@cbs.dk
Lena Olaison Lena Olaison Associate professor +4538153635 lo.bhl@cbs.dk
Birke Otto Birke Otto Postdoc +4538153766 bo.bhl@cbs.dk
Michael Pedersen Associate professor +4538152656 mp.bhl@cbs.dk
Pernille Pedersen Pernille Steen Pedersen Assistant professor +4538153532 psp.bhl@cbs.dk
Andrew Popp Andrew Popp Professor +4538153672 ap.bhl@cbs.dk
Justine Pors Justine Grønbæk Pors Associate professor +4538152857 jgp.bhl@cbs.dk
Max Schellmann Maximilian Schellmann Postdoc ms.bhl@cbs.dk
Stefan Schwarzkopf Associate professor +4538153652 ssc.bhl@cbs.dk
Louise Skyggebjerg Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg Postdoc +4538153421 lks.bhl@cbs.dk
Sverre Spoelstra Sverre Spoelstra Associate professor +4538153675 ssp.bhl@cbs.dk
Bent Meier Bent Meier Sørensen Professor +4538153768 bms.bhl@cbs.dk
Hannah Tucker Hannah Tucker Assistant professor +4538153681 htu.bhl@cbs.dk
Kaspar Villadsen Associate professor +4538153649 kv.bhl@cbs.dk
bm0397_florence_villeseche-1218-websize.jpg Florence Villeseche Associate professor +4538154268 fv.bhl@cbs.dk
Dan Wadhwani Professor +4538153627 dw.bhl@cbs.dk