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Introduction to the Forum for Tax Law

Forum for Tax Law facilitates collaboration between the staff affiliated with tax law at CBS LAW. The main purpose with the Forum is to coordinate and showcase the broad variety of tax law activities that make up CBS LAW, which includes teaching, dissemination, research and events concerning tax law. As it appears below, the Forum group members teach in a wide range of tax law courses that are offered across various CBS programmes. Apart from teaching at CBS, they also arrange national as well as international conferences and seminars, they participate in and disseminate at research seminars both nationally as well as internationally, and they publish research in widely acknowledged research journals.   


Members of the Forum: 

Peter Koerver Schmidt

Professor WSR Peter Koerver Schmidt

Associate Professor Michael Tell
Louise Fjord Kjaersgaard

Assistant Professor Louise Blichfeldt Fjord


PhD Fellow Maria Wriedt Keller

Jeroen Lammers

External Lecturer Jeroen Lammers 

Tax Law Events 


Tax Law Courses in CBS Programmes

BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (HA(jur.)) and MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (cand.merc.(jur.))

MSc in Business Economics and Auditing (cand.merc.aud)

BSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (HA(jur.)) and MSc in Business Administration and Commercial Law (cand.merc.(jur.))

Master in Tax (Master i Skat)

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration (HD (regnskab))

  • Skat

  • Skatteretligt seminar

  • Erhvervsbeskatning


Previous Events 






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