Department of Business Humanities and Law

Department of Business Humanities and Law

BHL Units

The Department is organized in three academic administrative units:

All three are closely related to aspects of our educational offerings as well as to our research.  Law has an extensive and specialised educational portfolio that requires proper oversight and is a separate unit within the Department.

The other two units are a genuine interdisciplinary clustering of our major research-led educational contributions. Governance, Culture and Learning is clustered around our educational contributions that address the contemporary social, cultural and epistemic challenges for business and its governance. Entreprenueurship, Ethics and Leadership encompasses our contributions to understanding the processes of venturing and leading business and organisations in an ethical framework.

The units have four major functions:

  1. They are major academic sub-divisions that allow personnel management.
  2. They provide staff, particularly non-tenured staff, with a sense of home, nourishment and mentorship, and immediate workplace.
  3. They facilitate disciplinary and interdisciplinary dialog across a wide span of related work, with a particular emphasis on a common educational focus.
  4. They act as key resources for the formation and implementation of strategy within the department.

The units represent and signal the broad intellectual affinity of academic staff based on their central educational foci. The major research collaborations will take place within research groups.



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