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HUMAN – post-anthropocentric enquiries in business and society

Research Group: HUMAN: Post-anthropocentric enquiries in business and society


Drawing on and contributing to philosophy, anthropology, and social theory, this research group studies the contemporary status of the human being in business and management.  

The human question has gained new importance in light of the rise of new challenges, such as climate change and environmental crises, the demand for sustainable responses to technological and digital transformation, rapid value changes in society, as well as persistent problems of inequality and injustice. Businesses and organizations are deeply impacted by these challenges; and they carry a key responsibility for contributing with possible solutions. 

Providing excellent research that helps to re-think the human dimension in business, management, and society, this research group addresses the above-mentioned challenges. Our research and teaching invite organizational scholars and learners to move beyond limited anthropocentric understandings, considering the relationality between human and non-human actors as well as the controversies in modeling human behavior in the social sciences.  

Our teaching and research contribute to the following areas: 

  • Management learning and education, including life-long learning and philosophy of education  
  • Philosophy of science in business administration and applied epistemology  
  • Business ethics and philosophical critique of the human dimension within particular fields, including finance, tourism, leisure, work-life, and welfare provision  
  • The problem of the Anthropocene, including the relation between human and non-human agency and the interplay between human beings and technology   
  • Basic research concerning the human dimension in ethics and political philosophy, economic and political anthropology, social theory and organization studies  


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