Department of Business Humanities and Law


As part of the overall CBS strategy, Department of Business Humanities and Law has formulated its own partial strategy. Below you can download the entire strategy.

Strategy Abstract:

"We are dedicated to the study of the condition of the human and social organization within multiple environments and intersections of work and business, nature and society, law and the state, governance and civil association. We are committed to disciplinary, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary excellence in our research and educational programmes in the humanities and social sciences in fields of law, history, philosophy, management, politics, sociology, anthropology and cultural economics."

By downloading the pdf you can read the entire BHL (then named MPP) strategy:

MPP Strategy 2021-2025

MD BHL boghjul


Our department is continuing a CBS tradition of not being a traditional business school but being much broader and thinking of ourselves as a business university.
- Mitchell Dean, Head of Department

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