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Visiting Fellows

The Centre for Business History is a place of academic exchange. We welcome short- and long-term visitors to our cluster of scholars and are eager to learn about their research, interests and ideas.

Visiting Fellows

Here a brief selection of our most recent visitors.


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Charlotte Nilssen

Charlotte is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Economic History at Lund University. She visited the Centre for Business History in April and May 2022 and presented her most recent project: "A Nation of Everyman Investors: Stock Saving and the Circulation of Financial Knowledge in Sweden 1978-2018".

Christian Stutz

Christian Stutz is an Jyväskylä School of Business and Economics Postdoctoral Researcher at Jyväskylä University as well as the co-leader of the project “International tensions, local nationalism, and global business: A historical perspective,” funded by the Emil Aaltonen Foundation (2022-2024). In 2022, he is a Visiting Research Fellow at our Center of Business History.




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Ludovic Cailluet Ludovic Cailluet is Professor of Strategy and Business History at Edhec Business School, France. His research foregrounds the formation and dissemination of strategy practices. He is one of the leading historians at business schools. His most recent work is on the strategic uses of the past by organizations, especially in family firms. link
Stephanie Decker Stephanie Decker is Professor of History and Strategy at the University of Bristol Management School, and head of the academic group for Strategy, International Management & Business, and Entrepreneurship. Her research is pioneering in theorizing from historical research and in developing archival and historical methods for organization studies. link
Johanna Markkula Johanna Markkula works at the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University in Vienna. Her research is an anthropological study of global mobile labor in the context of the maritime industry, and of the sea as a social, political and legal space that is at the very foundation of global capitalism. link
Benjamin Richards Benjamin Richards is currently a Lecturer in the management school at the University of Stirling in Scotland. He holds a Master in Cultural Heritage Management and Social Research from the University of York and was a visiting PhD Fellow at the Centre in 2021 when he presented his project about "Postfasciest Styles of Organizations." link
Michael Rowlinson Mick Rowlinson is a Professor of Management and Organisational History at the University of Exeter Business School. He is a former editor of Management and Organizational History and a senior editor of Organisation Studies. He recently co-edited a Special Topic Forum of the Academy of Management Review on History and Organization Studies: Toward a Creative Synthesis. link



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Stephen Cummings Stephen Cummings is Professor of Management at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand. He is Otto Monsted visiting professor at our Centre for the fall semester 2022. His recent article Unfreezing change as three steps (with Todd Bridgman and Kenneth Brown), has become one of Human Relations three most downloaded articles of the past 70 years. link
Kenneth James Lipartito Ken Lipartito is Professor of History at Florida State University. His areas of specialization are economic and business history and the history of technology. He brings a multifaceted approach to his publications as well as to the classroom, where he regularly covers business history, the history of the global economy, political economy, and the history of technology. link
Stephen Mihm Stephen Mihm is a Professor of History at the University of Georgia. He is the author of "A Nation of Counterfeiters: Capitalists, Con Men, and the Making of the United States" (Harvard University Press, 2007). Stephen is an expert on the history of capitalism. He is also a weekly columnist for Bloomberg Opinion as well as a frequent contributor to the New York Times.  link
Roy Suddaby Roy Suddaby is the Winspear Chair of Management at the Peter B. Gustavson School of Business, University of Victoria, Canada. He is a world-renowned scholar on the critical role of symbolic resources – legitimacy, authenticity, identity and history – in improving an organization’s competitive position. His work has been awarded best-paper prizes from the Academy of Management Journal and Administrative Science Quarterly link


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