Department of Business Humanities and Law

Department of Business Humanities and Law


BHL continuously renew ourselves as a creative research and educational environment that engages with fundamental challenges that are facing business and society now and in future


Research Focus at BHL

Our research brings together the humanities, interdisciplinary social science and law to study the fundamental challenges to humanity that are facing business, government, and civil organisations, and national and international society. We seek not only to identify contemporary frameworks to study such challenges, but also to identify and build the capabilities within key social actors to meet those challenges. We are particularly interested in the potential for forms of entrepreneurship, transnational governance, alternative economic organisation, business ethics, sustainability, leadership and diversity.

We understand by business humanities the attempt to grasp contemporary and future challenges to the human, society, economy, and the planet, within our heritage of the best traditions of the cultural sciences and human sciences. We thus seek to be a world-class intellectual environment for research across many areas of business humanities and law and to have a sustained and deep social impact with this research.

Key focus areas:

  • Culture, Design and Creativity
  • Leadership 
  • Transformative and Alternative Economic Organisation
  • Business Ethics
  • Civic and Public Governance
  • Business History
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
  • Entrepreneurship and Social and Technological Venturing
  • Organizing and Managing Workplaces
  • Business Law and Society
  • Law and Markets
  • Climate Law and Economics
  • Learning

The major research collaborations at the department take place within our research groups.


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