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Business Law and Society

Research Group: Business Law and Society

With an approach that is focused on the cross-fertilization of business and society, this research group targets research aimed at legal framework conditions for business life. Law is an important part of business and society infrastructure, and legal research can help companies grow and innovate. Companies are critical members of global society, and their activity and achievements impact nations and lives. In the same regard, public regulation, governance and policy influence business life.

The research methods chosen are those of internationally recognized business law research: Legal dogmatic method, Law & Management, Law & Strategy and Law & Economics. Our research concerns strategic and relational contracting, business responsibility, accountability, tax and society, litigation and risk management, etc. Our research strategy also includes crossdisciplinary research in law and neighbouring research fields. Thereby, we can address complex business and society problems, offering solutions and not just answers.


Contact point Marie-Louise Holle,


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