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The Centre for Business History's mission is to conducts methodologically and theoretically based research into the historical development of the modern enterprise and its business environment. We examine business within its economic, political, social, conceptual, cultural and institutional context. You find our research results in academic publications, in the media and in our educational initiatives.

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The Centre for Business History at Copenhagen Business School (CBS) was established in 1999 in order to strengthen the historical dimension of CBS research and teaching. We are thus looking forward to our 25th anniversary in 2024 ... stay tuned!

The objectives of the Centre’s activities are:

  • to contribute to the understanding of the modern enterprise as an actor and driving force in economic development;
  • to afford greater insights into the dynamics of the modern enterprise in its interaction with its environment;
  • to better understand the links between societal developments and modern business.



The Centre for Business History engages in a variety of editorial projects to advance research in our field. Members of the Centre serve as General Editors to two of the leading journals in business history: Enterprise & Society (Andrew Popp) and Management and Organizational History (Anders Ravn Sørensen and R. Daniel Wadhwani)

Enterprise & Society
General editor: Andrew Popp

Enterprise & Society (E&S) offers a forum for research on the historical relations between businesses and their larger political, cultural, institutional, social, and economic contexts. The journal aims to be truly international in scope. Studies focused on individual firms and industries and grounded in a broad historical framework are welcome, as are innovative applications of economic or management theories to business and its context.

E&S is published by Cambridge University Press. For further details see website.

Management and Organizational History
General editors: Anders Ravn Sørensen and R. Daniel Wadhwani

Management & Organizational History (MOH) is a peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish high quality, original, academic research concerning historical approaches to the study of management, organizations and organizing. It addresses issues from all areas of management, organization studies, and related fields. The unifying theme of MOH is its historical orientation. The Journal is both empirical and theoretical. It seeks to advance innovative historical methods and facilitates interdisciplinary dialogue. The ethos of MOH is reflective, ethical, imaginative, critical, inter-disciplinary, international, as well as historical in orientation.

MOH is published by Taylor & Francis. For further details see website.


Research Highlights

We publish our historical research in management and history journals, monographs and edited volumes. A few research highlights are featured below. Feel free to reach out to us for more information and exchange about our work.

Working Paper Series

Louise Karlskov Skyggebjerg, 2023 The impact, times, and resilience of objects, Working Paper.
A. Reckendrees, B. Gehlen & C. Marx, 2022 International Business, Multinational Enterprises and Nationality of the Company: A Constructive Review of Literature, Business History, Published online 14 Sept. 2022.
R. Daniel Wadhwani and Christoph Viebig, 2021 Social Imaginaries of Entrepreneurship Education: The United States and Germany, 1800–2020Academy of Management Learning and Education, 20, 342–360.

Christina Lubinski and William B. Gartner, 2020 History as Source and Method for Family Business Research, In A Research Agenda for Family Business: A Way Ahead for the Field. A. Calabrò, ed., Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar: 29–59.



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