CBS LAW aims at promoting growth, welfare and development in Denmark as well as in international society through basic and applied research.

Founded in the international and national legal framework for businesses in a globalised world, the Department’s research focuses on Business Law from a societal and commercial perspective. Consequently, the research concentrates on the content of and interplay between International Law, EU Law and National Law.

In particular, the research seeks to elucidate and provide perspectives on the strategic opportunities for corporations and authorities in a legal and economic context. The research deals with the interplay between Business Law and other fields, including economics and interdisciplinary aspects.

The research covers three areas:

  • Commerce, Transactions and Law and economics (contracts and financing etc.),
  • The Market (international Commercial Law and EU Internal Market Law etc.),  
  • Corporate Organization and Social Responsibility (Company and Tax Law etc.) 

CBS LAW has established research groups within these three areas, and each researcher is a member of at least one group.

Commerce and transactions covers Law of Obligations, Contract Law, Finance and Property Law, Private International Law, Intellectual Property Law, IT Law, Consumer Law, Agency, Public Contracts, Partnering, Maritime and Transport Law, Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation, and Enforcement. Law and economics covers the application of economic methodology, theoretical as well as empirical, within the area of business law. The research is determined by method and encompasses in particular contract law, law of torts and corporate law, including governmental regulation of these areas.

The Market covers market law in general, including International Trade Law, EU Market Law, EU Law, WTO Law, International Trade Agreements, Competition Law, Public Procurement, State Aid and Marketing Law.

Corporate Organisation and Social Responsibility covers in particular Company Law, Tax Law, Labour Law, Non-Discrimination Law and Corporate Social Responsibility.

The research is presented at national and international conferences, and through vocational courses, lectures and the media. The researchers at CBS LAW are part of national and international research networks and groups and cooperate with various institutions, businesses, authorities and organizations at home and abroad. Several researchers also contribute to the development of society through participation in national and international working groups and committees preparing new legislation.

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