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Social and Technological Venturing

Research Group: Social and Technological Venturing

The research group on ‘Social and technological venturing’ focuses on humanistic approaches to entrepreneurship, technological development, innovation, and social change. The group draws on the humanities in emphasizing the ethical, historical, legal, and social aspects of creating new ventures, which encompasses the pursuit of new opportunities and the change processes that transform existing organizational forms. The research group explores how ‘venturing’ – doing something risky, such as creating a new firm, market offer, democratic institution, or public issue – always involves broader societal, technological, and historical forces, and has ethical and environmental consequences for the way we live our lives. In studying social and technological venturing from humanistic perspectives, the group will produce research on entrepreneurship, technological development, innovation, and social change disseminated in leading academic journals and contribute to teaching at CBS in these fields.

Research topics include:

  • Entrepreneurialism in society
  • Technological innovation
  • Ethical, social, and sustainable entrepreneurship
  • Temporal and historical approaches to innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Imaginaries of technological progress and how they condition responses to environmental crises   
  • Social and technological venturing and political legitimacy
  • Law, innovation, and entrepreneurship 
  • Intellectual Property Law & Legal Risk Management
  • Space and how it constitutes processes of venturing


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