Department of Business Humanities and Law

Department of Business Humanities and Law

About BHL

Department of Business Humanities and Law (BHL) is dedicated to an integrated approach to the contemporary challenges facing business and society drawing on the humanities, interdisciplinary social sciences and law. It emphasizes both problem-oriented research to understand those challenges and learning to build the life-long capabilities necessary to address them.

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Our Department in its present form is the result of a merger between Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy, CBS Law, the Civil Society group, and the Centre for Leisure and Cultural Services, which took effect 1 July 2018. From 1 January 2023, it was reorganized and renamed Department of Business Humanities and Law. This reflects the centrality of law to the Department and our use of the humanities and interdisciplinary social sciences to address fundamental challenges to humanity in which business is a key agent of social transformation. We also seek, through our learning and teaching, to develop the ethical and entrepreneurial capacities in our students and in ourselves to address these fundamental challenges.

Mission, vision, identity
BHL is a core part of CBS, one of its largest and most diverse Departments, dedicated to critical and cutting-edge research in the humanities, social sciences and law with a focus on the study of the human in society and regarding business and enterprise as key forces of social change.

Our fields of study and backgrounds are diverse. They are from within disciplines, between disciplines and across disciplines but maintain this central concern with the conditions of humans as individuals and collectives, and with the forms of social and business organization and juridical and political regulation. While closely collaborating with many of our sister Departments, BHL is distinguished by the diversity of the perspectives and approaches we offer and our desire to produce the most advanced state knowledge in humanities and social sciences relevant to critical problems. We are concerned to use our backgrounds to rethink the fundamentals of business school education and to establish the basis of lifelong learning in business and social organizations. We critically ground our strategy in the wider CBS strategy by taking a problematizing and self-reflexive approach to the transformations of society, of business, and of the human subject.

Department Management

Head of Department
Mitchell Dean
E-mail:, tel +45 3815 4234

Head of Secretariat
Henrik Hermansen
E-mail:; tel. +45 3815 3656

Vice-Head of Department (Education)
Lena Olaison
E-mail:; tel. +45 3815 3635

Vice-Head of Department (Research)
Florence Villesèche
E-mail:, tel. +45 3815 4268

Director of Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership Unit
Christina Lubinski
E-mail:, tel. +45 3815 2664

Director of Governance, Culture and Learning Unit
Stina Teilmann-Lock
E-mail:, tel. +45 3815 3756


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