At the Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership Unit, we delve into business venturing dynamics, responsible decision-making, and the vital intersection of entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership, fostering sustainable practices through rigorous research and professional teaching.


Seminar about good fund management (Photo: Jakob Boserup)
Department of Economics at CBS gets new head of department

Welcome to the Entrepreneurship, Ethics and Leadership unit (EEL), where we explore the dynamics of business venturing and responsible decision-making. Our faculty serves the dual mission of rigorous research and professional teaching. As a community of business scholars, we aim to equip practitioners, students, and researchers with the reflective capabilities to navigate challenges in society with integrity and purpose.
What we do
Researchers at EEL explore the vital intersection between entrepreneurship, ethics, and leadership within the dynamic and ever-changing business landscape. Through collaborative research, our aim is to discover innovative approaches and best practices that empower entrepreneurs and leaders to establish sustainable, socially responsible ways of organizing and foster ethical decision-making in both the realm of business and broader society.

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