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CBS campus closed


8 May
Gradual reopening of CBS later in the summer
The agreement about phase 2 of the reopening of Danish society means that staff and students at CBS must continue to work and study from home.
The agreement that the full Folketing has just reached regarding the reopening of large sections of society only covers the activities of the universities to a very limited extent.

As part of the new plan for reopening, it also appears that there will be a gradual reopening of an increasing amount of activities at the universities over the summer. For instance, research activities that require campus presence can hopefully be restarted in June. Other activities require more patience and will not be considered before the so-called 4th phase of the reopening plan in August. The government continues to emphasize though, that the longer-term plans for a further reopening of the universities will depend on the spread of corona-infections remaining under control until that time.


6 April 2020
The lockdown of CBS' campus continues up to and including 10 May 2020



March 23 the Danish Prime Minister announced a continuation of the various safety measures taken to inhibit the spread of the Coronavirus through to 13 April.

This means that the lockdown of CBS continues through to 13 April until further notice.


12 March

On Wednesday evening the Danish government issued a physical lockdown of all educational institutions in the country to avoid the spreading of the coronavirus. Consequently, all students are to stay home as CBS’ campus will close down immediately and stay closed from Thursday morning 12 March - Friday 27 March until further notice.

The physical lockdown of CBS will also apply to all employees which must work from home until 27 March and until further notice. CBS’ research and teaching activities will continue online to the greatest possible extent. All MPP's staff members can be contacted by e-mail.



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