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  • 21.12.22
    When we shop, our choice of manufacturer affects gender equality. Women know this. Men do not, as new research shows us.
  • 20.12.22
    Is it okay to say something if you disagree with others? CBS has written a document on freedom of expression based on the premise that knowledge is best advanced through open-minded inquiry.
  • 19.12.22
    Nowadays, sustainability is so important for business development and survival that it could be the only game in town for any CEO. Hear from our panel of business professionals and researchers associated with the Centre of Sustainability on 20 years with sustainability in business and beyond.
  • 12.12.22
    We make unconscious decisions all the time, also when spending money, which is why we have to study the way campaigns affect us, explains CBS researcher at the conference, ICIS 2022.
  • 07.12.22
    Behavioural scientist Florian Kock has received this year's Tietgen Prize of 500,000 DKK for his innovative and comprehensive research in the tourism and experience economy in Denmark.
  • 01.12.22
    Moral qualms are not going to stop the majority from watching the World Cup in Qatar, but why is it so hard to look away? Football – and the World Cup in particular – is the most captivating and addictive sports event in the world, according to a sports economist.
  • 28.11.22
    House prices are one of the most important factors in our personal finances and the national economy in general. However, policymakers still seek consensus as to which measures can regulate the market. Kathrin Schlafmann wishes to address this problem after she has been given one of Independent Research Fund Denmark’s prestigious Sapere Aude grants of DKK 6.2m.
  • 23.11.22
    People can feel solidarity with a place where citizens suffer. It makes us respond with words and action even though it comes at a price. CBS research shows that, for example, solidarity makes people willing to pay more for airfare if the fuel does not come from Russia.
  • 16.11.22
    With environmental problems, social challenges and the aging population being just some of the challenges that cut across professional areas, two CBS researchers Robin Holt and Christina Juhlin have been awarded a grant of 5,431,382 DKK for their project CLIMATE-PART.
  • 15.11.22
    How is time compressed and stretched in strategy work? Find out in this month's spotlight on new research publications from CBS, where you can learn more about the many current topics in the world of research.