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This is our collection of stories and articles that relates to Green Transition at CBS. Get introduced to research highlights, newly launched projects, and gain insights from web- and seminars.

Børsen's Bæredygtig Masterclasses

Now you can learn about businesses' sustainability challenges - and how one can solve them - in Børsen's Sustainability Masterclasses.

Solar panels on Howitzvej

The CBS location on Howitzvej is now equipped with solar panels.

The role of innovation to achieve a sustainable food future

Ensuring a sustainable food future is one of the biggest challenges of our time and a powerful driver of innovation.

Student commitment increases when solving real-life sustainability cases


This summer, 500 students took an exam on Power-to-X cases fuelled by real data from Vestas. These hot, contemporary topics and real business cases fired up the students’ enthusiasm.

New perspectives on Tour de France


It is not just the riders who have been working hard in the first days of the cycling race Tour de France, which this year started in Denmark. So have a number of CBS-researchers from the Consumer and Behavioural Insights Group (CBIG), who used the big event for field studies.

Introducing START - Centre for Sustainable Agrifood Systems


All eight universities in Denmark have joined forces on a new research centre that will create interdisciplinary collaboration between researchers in Denmark and international partners.The new centre START - Centre for SusTainable AgRifood sysTems - will play a key role in the development of future solutions for green transition within agricultural and food systems.

An introduction to green bonds and trends in the green bond market


Get introduced to green bonds from Sustainable Finance Club at CBS. The article gives insights into green bonds and gives a context in order to highlight and understand importance for the green transition of corporations all around the world.

Ministry of Higher Education and Science: Survey shows extensive development in research for green transition


2020 was a good year for green research in Denmark. A new survey of the allocation of green research funds in 2020 shows that a total of DKK 4.4 billion has been distributed in 2020 from both public foundations, private foundations and the EU. (The report is currently available danish)

Launching the Sustainable Procurement Initiative


CBS establishes a focused research initiative on Sustainable Procurement. The purpose of this initiative is to make a positive impact on sustainable procurement practices in Denmark by studying and assisting Danish companies in their implementation of sustainable procurement projects. Join the launch.

CBS-led partnership on the energy transition and the role of ports as hubs


CBS Maritime and Copenhagen School of Energy Infrastructure (CSEI) are joining forces in a cross-cutting project together with Maritime DTU to investigate the key role of ports in enabling the energy transition at sea and on land.

CBS students get Power-to-X competences


Power-to-X (PtX) will be a main theme in the teaching during 2021-22 in two of the biggest courses in the HA and HD programmes at CBS.

Financial accounting for the green transition


Current financial accounting standards and practices tend to ignore the future challenges associated with carbon neutrality targets. TIME MIRROR wants to contribute to the green transition by encouraging a radical change in financial reporting by bringing the cost of the necessary future investments to achieve carbon neutrality into the present-day income statement and balance sheet.

Climate change in the textile industry


According to the European Parliament, it is estimated that 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions are caused by clothing and footwear production. The global textile and garment industry, with its excessive energy and water consumption, chemical and microfibers pollution and issues of landfill waste have an extensive environmental footprint.

Innovating for a Zero Carbon Future


How do we connect innovations to long-term climate goals? A new CBS-led project will endeavour to solve this puzzle.

Podcast: Green themes in MSC Hallway Conversations


Get introduced to green issues from our collegues at MSC in this podcast series. Why do companies need to listen to their activist employees? What is sustainable cruies tourism? How did the pandemic reveal responsibility questions?

Climate Change is coming for your coffee


‘The paradoxes of climate-smart coffee’ is a new five-year research project between Copenhagen Business School, Jimma University, Ethiopia and University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Does Goal 7 "Energy for all" need a rethink?


Goal 7 of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) aims to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all by 2030. Yet according to new research by Copenhagen Business School the poor planning and execution of decarbonisation strategies in emerging markets challenges the aims of Goal 7.

Saying goodbye to pigs and cows


Animal-free agriculture shows great potential and foreign companies have made great progress in terms of producing meat in new ways. According to new research Denmark should take advantage of these technological advances.

Ports fail to adopt climate measures


Only a minority of the world’s largest ports make a targeted effort to reduce effects on the climate and air pollution. This is the conclusion of a global study of 93 of the largest ports in the world by CBS Maritime. The researchers share their results in a feature article published in the Danish paper Søfart.

REFLOW project - creating our urban future


REFLOW, a CBS led three-year research project, offers a new approach to circular economy in urban areas with a strong emphasis on social inclusion.

Innovative sustainable urban last-mile: small vehicles and business models (i-SMILE)


A new research project looks into last-mile deliveries with a focus on sustainable choices. Nordic Innovation has funded the three-year project.

How a crisis changes the way companies account for the social & environmental impact of their actions


In his newly published paper Muhammad Al Mahameed investigates how a crisis like a pandemic, or the widespread protests and conflicts of the Arab Spring, changes the way that companies engage in Social Accounting.


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