Lifelong Learning at CBS

Lifelong learning is for everyone. We aim to build enduring relationships with learners, enriching each unique learning path – starting from your first day at university and continuing through every stage of your career. Our commitment is to boost not just employability, but also professional fulfilment and active citizenship, encouraging learning across generations. This way, we take the lead in cultivating the learning society.

Lifelong learning

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CBS Lifelong Learning

The proportion of older people is increasing in Denmark. Our ageing population means a higher retirement age and longer working lives. Provided that careers are longer and new technologies and practices emerge, people will increasingly need to supplement their skills in order not to find themselves outside the labour market. 
CBS Lifelong Learning cultivates students to become lifelong learners, motivated, engaged and committed to blending theory with practice for professional growth.
CBS Lifelong Learning is in its pilot phase (2023-2025) and uses the strengths of the university to explore the shift from traditional, front-loaded learning to lifelong and comprehensive learning models, ensuring that education stays relevant and accessible across all life stages.
We create learning experiences that inspire curiosity, purpose and commitment to address the big questions in life. We aim to broaden the concept of learning and personal growth in higher education by merging academic and professional practice, providing flexible learning options and building communities of learners across generations. CBS Lifelong Learning wants to ensure that education is accessible and relevant to learners, whether they are seeking to advance their careers, make a career change or simply enrich their personal lives. 
CBS Lifelong Learning is about more than just acquiring knowledge. It is a recognition that true education extends beyond the classroom, involving an ongoing interaction between learning and life.

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