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  • 25.11.22
    Researchers from 15 countries including Denmark have closely examined companies’ actual pay for men and women and found that there is a long way to go before we get equal pay for equal work. The study has been published in Nature Human Behaviour.
  • 23.11.22
    People can feel solidarity with a place where citizens suffer. It makes us respond with words and action even though it comes at a price. CBS research shows that, for example, solidarity makes people willing to pay more for airfare if the fuel does not come from Russia.
  • 22.11.22
    Nanna Bonde Thylstrup, Associate Professor at CBS, has just been awarded one of Europe’s most prestigious research grants, an ERC Starting Grant, from the European Research Council, amounting to approximately 15 million DKK. Over the next five years, she will explore and find new ways of understanding data loss.
  • 16.11.22
    With environmental problems, social challenges and the aging population being just some of the challenges that cut across professional areas, two CBS researchers Robin Holt and Christina Juhlin have been awarded a grant of 5,431,382 DKK for their project CLIMATE-PART.
  • 14.11.22
    Red tape, a culture of busyness and the lack of purpose frustrate many employees. According to research, management needs to make changes to retain employees while a former leader who quit her own job backs the research.
  • 01.11.22
    How does integration, convergence and economic policy apply in Europe? Find out in this month's spotlight on new research publications from CBS, where you can learn more about the many current topics in the world of research.
  • 31.10.22
    Nine out of ten companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home. This development challenges leaders, but it can be handled with openness and involvement and the right mix of trust and supervision, is the advice offered by researchers.
  • 27.10.22
    When can we expect inflation to come down and what are the longer-term effects? CBS Professor Jesper Rangvid gives an overview of where the Danish economy stands and where it is heading in a time of very high inflation.
  • 26.10.22
    The international organisation AACSB has just issued a special seal of approval to CBS, which means that CBS meets the organisation’s standards for international business schools.
  • 24.10.22
    The majority of companies are still not able to understand their data, but this will change in the near future, says Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Associate Professor.