Responsibility at CBS

Our Commitment

At CBS we are committed to implementing the PRME Principles throughout our whole institution. We are proud of being a PRME Champion school and take the responsibility that follows seriously. CBS' official mission and vision statements clearly reflect our commitment to being a responsible business school educating the responsible leaders of tomorrow.


Our mission is to be a global PRME leader by making responsible management integral to all education at CBS and part of our organizational identity. Furthermore, we reflect upon how we enact responsible management education and make such practices explicit.


We envision a world where free education implies responsibility towards society. We strive to address and support global, regional and local responsible management, sustainability and social issues through RME and through the advancement of the 2030 Agenda.  

CBS PRME Mission/Vision Strategic Pillars

Our 3 Strategic Pillars that represent the essence of our vision and mission. 

Illustrations cc by: Gemma Louisa Holdaway

5th prme principle

“We learn very early in life that we can’t do it all alone. During our education and even more so in our professional life, we come to realize that we achieve the best and most effective results through collaboration. Partnerships give our work and values at the PRME office a higher scope, a broader reach and a more encompassing meaning. Understanding that responsible management education extends further than university or business school life, means reaching out and partnering up with those who share in the responsibility of achieving a better, more sustainable, and just world! I believe we can to it together and this is why Principle 5 – Partnerships is my favorite!” – Lavinia-Cristina Iosif-Lazar

Illustrations cc by: Tanja Hess

CBS announced PRME Champions for the fourth time
For the fourth consecutive time, Copenhagen Business School has been nominated as one of the PRME champions 2019 – a group of 37 higher education institutions that commit to significant transformation in teaching, research and partnerships underscored by the Global Goals. “The mission of the PRME Champions group is to contribute to thought and action leadership on responsible management education in the context of the United Nations sustainable development agenda”. This announcement recognizes the leading role CBS has taken in promoting the Principles for Responsible Management Education and implementing the United Nations sustainable development agenda. CBS is proud to be among the nominees once more, and strives to further its commitment with the PRME initiative.

“As Head of Section here at CBS PRME I am both elated and honoured to be, once more, invited to be a member of the Champions group. I am truly excited to be part of moving PRME forward together with all my esteemed colleagues both here at CBS and across the globe” - Martiina Miira Matharu Srkoc

For a more detailed description of how we have worked on becoming a PRME Champion, have a look in our last SIP report here.


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