CBS researchers receive Semper Ardens Advance grant from the Carlsberg Foundation

Two researchers from Copenhagen Business School were awarded a Semper Ardens Advance grant by the Carlsberg Foundation on 30 January 2023. A total of 10 grants were awarded.


Jose Mate and Christina Lubinski

2023 is off to a great start: DKK 35.6 million for groundbreaking research. CBS researchers Christina Lubinski and José Mata just received two of the new Semper Ardens Advance Grants to further develop their state-of-the art research within entrepreneurship. 

Christina Lubinski is professor at the Department of Business Humanities and Law. With her project she wishes to understand how entrepreneurship as a social discourse shapes society.

»Today, our ideas of entrepreneurship shape public debates. From Wolt drivers to labour union activists, everybody relates to entrepreneurial ideas. As managers urge their employees to become more entrepreneurial and newspapers debate the controversial role of the entrepreneurial “gig economy”, this project studies how entrepreneurship as a social discourse shapes society and what the long-term consequences of this process are. By examining both the societal strengths and costs of our ideals of entrepreneurship, this project aims to help businesses, policy-makers and the public develop agency over entrepreneurship on our time. There is no one-size-fits-all mold for entrepreneurship. Our contributions explore the social mechanisms by which entrepreneurship as a discourse links to processes of social change«, says Christina Lubinski.

Jose Mata is Professor of Entrepreneurship at the Department of Strategy and Innovation, and with his project he seeks to understand what motivates, enables and hinders successful entrepreneurship by women and immigrants:

»Women are underrepresented in entrepreneurship, even in countries where they are highly represented on the labour markets. On the other hand, immigrants are typically highly represented in entrepreneurship, but in many countries their ventures tend to be less impactful than those of natives. The project will identify the forces that constrain entrepreneurship by women and immigrants at different stages of the life cycle of firms and the results will help find actions to alleviate these constraints at the public policy and company strategy levels. Such actions will promote innovation, foster inclusive labour markets and empower women and immigrants to unlock their full economic potential to create societal value« says José Mata.

The aim of the grants is to create groundbreaking scientific results to ensure a leading position for Denmark in international top research and contribute to solving the grand challenges facing the world

Read the press release from the Carlsberg Foundation here

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