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  • 04.03.22
    Typically, South Africa is put forward as the one success story of how sanctions were crucial to the defeat of apartheid. Yet according to Professor with Special Responsibilities Eleni Tsingou from the Department of Organization we should be pragmatic when we discuss sanctions and what they can achieve.
  • 03.03.22
    Denmark has some of the highest employment and education rates for women worldwide. Nevertheless, women are still a minority in top management and leadership positions within Danish firms. A Code of Conduct for Diversity in Recruitment for management and board positions helps to both highlight and promote equal opportunities.
  • 03.03.22
    Offshore wealth is a prevalent, global phenomenon, estimated to be in the magnitude of 10% of global GDP. Russian elites are not alone in hiding wealth, though their offshore wealth does have particular features – in scale and nature. For one, Russian elites hide significantly larger proportions of their wealth offshore than other large Western states.
  • 01.03.22
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    Russia has invaded Ukraine. With this list, you can find experts from CBS who can inform and contribute to the debate on aspects such as SWIFT, the effect on global trade, exchange rates and investments, travel patterns, the risk of recession, and much more.
  • 01.03.22
    diversitet pride
    Increasingly, employees expect their employers to focus on diversity and inclusion. And even though it may no longer be enough for companies to raise a rainbow-flag, it can be a good place to start, according to Jannick Friis Christensen, who conducts research on companies’ engagement in the LGBTQIA+ movement.
  • 22.02.22
    In some cases, homogeneous managements may make sense. But according to CBS researcher, Christoph Ellersgaard, a lack of diversity in management brings challenges that may also have consequences for society in general.
  • 31.01.22
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    CBS Professor is one of the main forces behind a new Innovation Benchmark tool, which can be accessed via
  • 27.01.22
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    One of the largest producers of carbon emissions is air travel, yet many view flying as a necessary enabler of tourism and international business. One promising way for consumers to take responsibility for their carbon emissions are voluntary carbon offsets (VCOs), which offer air travellers the opportunity to make a small donation to neutralise their carbon footprint. Yet there are conflicting recommendations as to how to encourage consumers to opt into these green initiatives.
  • 11.01.22
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    We live in a world characterised by risk, uncertainty, and the unknown. The recent unforeseen impact from a sudden Covid-19 pandemic illustrates the point. Yet, we typically act as if we only confront identifiable risk events – out of convenience.
  • 20.12.21
    Sustainable procurement is unavoidable for companies who wish to contribute specifically to the green transition. A new CBS initiative provides the knowledge companies need.