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CBS Leadership Centre is providing knowledge and research on leadership challenges related to successfully developing organisations and businesses for long term growth and resilience. We cover insights on the leader as an individual, and we put a spotlight on transformational leadership in the light of significant societal agendas.

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CBS Leadership research covers areas where the importance of new insights on leadership is particularly critical and potentially rewarding.

We cover leadership issues related to the individual and to daily leadership practices, as well as leadership dynamics related to the most important agendas for business and society.

Leadership research related to the individual is about setting direction and moving people to accomplish goals together: how to make people and organization work together in different contexts and for different purposes. It also addresses leadership as a personal skill and role that can be developed, and put light on the ethical aspects of leadership: what is good leadership?

Individual leadership is effectuated in the context of megatrends and important societal agendas. Traditional business is challenged by acceleration of technology, climate change, shifts in demand patterns and an increased focus on the ability to impact on a larger scale than short term economic growth. This development gives rise to new business models, new structures and value value streams. CBS research puts a spotlight on the leadership dynamics related to addressing these new drivers.

Leadership and Organisation

The Leadership Role

Leadership Ethics

Leadership in Times of Digitalisation

Leading in Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Leading for Green Transition

Leading for Diversity

Leading in a Crisis

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