Green Digitalization

Digital technologies will be a key enabler for a greener future. Our research environments at CBS are both investigating the technologies impact on society but also the source and production methods of products and commodities.


Digital technologies for green transition

To tackle the challenge of climate change digital technologies can serve as a key enabler for climate action and environmental sustainability. The green transition of digital technologies and a smarter and greener use of technologies will help to achieve the Danish and European climate goals.


Digitalisation in the field of green transition includes a broad range of subjects and questions: How can we use technologies such as blockchain to verify the source and production methods of products and commodities? How can we measure and promote green transition based on big data analytics? How can we digitalize government? Which privacy and security issues are related to smart city data analytics and how? How can data be used for data-driven green decision-making? How can green IT (responsible development and disposal of hardware) be optimized throughout the life cycle? How can energy consumption of data centres be optimized?  How can digital platforms for responsible consumption and reuse be promoted and optimized? How can digital nudging for greener behavior be designed? How do we promote green digital entrepreneurship?


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