CBS Leadership Dilemma Index

When leaders and leadership teams make decisions, they face a variety of dilemmas. The CBS Leadership Dilemma Index takes the temperature on how your organiazation adresses dilemmas.

When leaders and leadership teams make decisions, they are faced with multiple dilemmas: How do we prioritize business interest over societal responsibility? Robustness over agility? Cost savings over growth? Short term profit over long term purpose?

Sometimes these dilemmas are visible and dealt with through well planned strategic decision making processes, sometimes they are addressed through default behaviour and the unconscious nature of the leadership in the organization. 

The CBS Leadership Dilemma Index takes the temperature on how your company addresses important dilemmas in the formulation of corporate strategy. It uncovers how the execution of these strategies are understood and evaluated by relevant stakeholders in the organization.

The index is a tool for boards, top management or functional leadership teams to uncover how relevant parts of the organization evaluate the strategic efforts – for example, if there is alignment between what the leadership team wants to do, and what the organization experiences.

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Read and download our three booklets here:

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PDF icon Handling of Dilemmas in Boards and Management_ An Inspiration Guide, Poulsen & Ritter 2023.pdf

 CBS Leadership Dilemma Index, Report on Danish companies' view on challenges anno 2023, Ritter & Poulfelt_2023.pdf

The Dilemma Index at VL Døgnet 2023

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