Research Stories

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  • 29.03.22
    In this series, you will gain insight into what researchers at Copenhagen Business School are working on and its relevance for companies, organisations, and society in general. We have asked five questions for Pernille Steen Pedersen, Assistant Professor at CBS:
  • 28.03.22
    From the power of aversion to sexism and tax havens – accompanied by beer and jazz. These are some of the components of the concept “That’s interesting!”, initiated by two researchers from CBS who for nearly a year now, have communicated science in an inviting manner outside the university auditoriums.
  • 22.03.22
    This series gives you an insight into the research going on at CBS and how the results are relevant to companies, organisations and to our society as a whole. Here are five questions for Jette Sandager, PhD Fellow at CBS:
  • 17.03.22
    Allowing citizens to have greater involvement in the early stages of research studies could be the key to providing new, innovative perspectives and furthering high-impact research, according to new findings published in the journal Research Policy.
  • 17.03.22
    Amid the gradual transition to endemic COVID-19, Europe may now be facing the beginning of a new pandemic: energy poverty. The war in Ukraine has influenced energy prices already on the rise to yield the perfect storm.
  • 10.03.22
    Anne-Marie Søderberg is Professor emerita of Intercultural Communication and Cross-cultural Management at Copenhagen Business School. Her research focus is on cultures, identity constructions, communication and learning processes. She shares her insights and observations about the leadership qualities of Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.
  • 07.03.22
    Associate Professor Julie Uldam from Department of Management, Society and Communication shares her insights on the dilemmas facing global corporate leaders. With two immediate crises, the climate crisis, and the humanitarian crisis in the wake of the war in Ukraine, what are the potential consequences for companies having to make tough decisions to balance stakeholder interests with citizens’ expectations.
  • 04.03.22
    Typically, South Africa is put forward as the one success story of how sanctions were crucial to the defeat of apartheid. Yet according to Professor with Special Responsibilities Eleni Tsingou from the Department of Organization we should be pragmatic when we discuss sanctions and what they can achieve.
  • 03.03.22
    Denmark has some of the highest employment and education rates for women worldwide. Nevertheless, women are still a minority in top management and leadership positions within Danish firms. A Code of Conduct for Diversity in Recruitment for management and board positions helps to both highlight and promote equal opportunities.
  • 03.03.22
    Offshore wealth is a prevalent, global phenomenon, estimated to be in the magnitude of 10% of global GDP. Russian elites are not alone in hiding wealth, though their offshore wealth does have particular features – in scale and nature. For one, Russian elites hide significantly larger proportions of their wealth offshore than other large Western states.