Podcast: Lederens Dilemma

Do you have an employee who is struggling? Should you stay away from Friday beers with the colleagues now that you're the boss? Every week, Børsen's Editor-in-Chief Nikolaj Sommer gathers a panel of experienced leaders and experts to discuss solutions for a range of leadership dilemmas sent in by listeners. Tune in to be entertained and inspired, and to gain practical leadership tools you can apply in your day-to-day role as a leader.

CBS Leadership researchers joins Børsen on a new podcast Lederens Dilemma (The Leader’s Dilemma)!

Every Thursday a CBS researcher is joined by leadership practitioners to discuss three leadership dilemmas from the real world. The panel will draw on knowledge from research as well as own experiences.

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Trouble with another manager, dating advice and prioritizing time


In this podcast Pernille Steen Pedersen, PhD and Assistant Professor at CBS builds on her research on the younger generation in the workforce when discussing the dilemma of what to do when a young employee seeks advice on her love life.


The panel also discusses what matters most when hiring someone new - gut feeling or tests and numbers? And how a manager is under double pressure when having to act as a conflict mediator while there are also operations to look after - and the manager is measured on operation and development. How does the manager prioritize? Are there any tools for that?


The panel:

  • Louise Gade Executive Vice President, People, Culture & Sustainability, Salling Group 
  • Ib Enevoldsen CEO, Ramboll
  • Pernille Steen Pedersen Assistant Professor and PhD, CBS

Pernille Steen Pedersen









Underrun by employee, a step up the career ladder and insecure employees


What do you do, if one of your employees undermines your authority? Or if a merger creates insecurity among employees?


Associate Professor at CBS, Camilla Sløk, joins forces with experienced leaders from Falck and Lead+, to discuss leadership dilemmas on the basis of leadership research and experience from practice. 


The panel also gives good advice on how to develop from being a manager of employees to being a manager of managers. And the panelists pinpoint which characteristic they think is important to master as a leader.


The panel:

  • Jakob Riis Chief Executive, Falck
  • Claus Elmholdt Professional Director, Lead+
  • Camilla Sløk Associate Professor and PhD, CBS 










The price of meetings, self-leadership, and trouble in personal life


In this new episode, Peter Holdt Christensen, leadership researcher at CBS, highlights the fact that the boundaries between private life and work life have become much more fluid, and as a consequence it is more legitimate for a manager to ask employees about his/her private life in situations where private life seems to influence how the employee performs at work.


This point is put forward when discussing a question from a leader who is unsure about how to handle an employee who seems stressed and sloppy with his tasks. How far can he go in terms of meddling in the employee's private life?


The panel gives good advice on how to get more impact as a leader. It also discusses questions from a manager with a team that does not want a new team leader, but jointly wants to lead the department, and a dilemma about what to do if salespeople think that too many internal meetings are prohibiting them to spend time on sales that can boost their bonus.


The panel:

  • Martin Buch Thorborg Entrepreneur and CEO, Dinero
  • Anja Neiiendam Director, Center for Ledelse
  • Peter Holdt Christensen Associate Professor, PhD, CBS

















The director is sweet on one of my employees


Where is the ethical line drawn when retaining a customer? What do you do when the CEO refuses to acknowledge that a colleague is stressed? And how do you handle a CEO who seems sweet on a younger employee?


Associate Professor, Frank Bevort, from CBS delves into leadership challenges together with leaders from the business world, using both research and practical experience.


The panel also provides good advice on how to handle power struggles, and they also discuss tools, such as personality profiling.


The panel:

  • Gitte Aabo, Former CEO of GN Hearing and Leo Pharma, board member of several companies
  • Sophus Garfiel, Department head for the Ministry of Digitalization and Equality
  • Frans Bevort, Associate Professor, at CBS 













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