Finance and accounting

Green transition disrupts current models and approaches within these two core business school disciplines. Let's explore the possibilities of a green approach and take a look at the issues that needs to be addressed.


What is green accounting?

It is essential to develop new accounting standards and technologies, that include environmental costs into the accounting for operational costs of businesses, industry and organisations. Classical accounting focusses on traditional economic goals whereas green accounting includes the environmental goals and integrates and supports the collection of relevant organisational information with regard to green policy. 

What is green financing?

Within finance, new financing models and concrete green investment products are drivers of the green transition. Green finance – with products such as green bonds – ensures a better environmental outcome of investments and are an enabler to create and establish green projects and minimize the impact on climate of regular projects.


Research in Green Finance & Accounting addresses questions like: Which financial incentives do consumers, investors, suppliers and countries need for their green transition to succeed?  How should green transition strategies be reported (investments, emissions)? How do we measure impact investments with regard to risk and return on investment for socially valuable (ESG) investments? How can pension funds be invested in green transition and simultaneously ensure a satisfactory return on investment? How do we promote green transition best through funding – collaboration with polluting companies or avoidance?


Research highlights

  • TIME MIRROR - financial accounting for the green transition: Policy makers will need to set ambitious goals and make sure companies do not delay or obscure climate disclosures with their reporting on how climate risks impact financial performance, assets, and liabilities. Current financial accounting standards and practices tend to ignore the future challenges associated with carbon neutrality targets.


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