Social Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation

Social entrepreneurship concerns organizations that pursue explicit social missions through business-inspired, earned-income strategies, with the express goal of creating market disequilibria. In 2014 CBS launched the Social Entrepreneurship (S-ENT) Research Cluster, which brings together 15 scholars from different departments. CBS also engages in research on the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on “Social Entrepreneurship”


Second-Order Formative Scale for Social Entrepreneurship

To date there is no clear understanding about how exactly to measure social entrepreneurship. Towards this end a project is underway to develop and validate measures of organizational social entrepreneurship. We conceive of social entrepreneurship as a second-order formative construct including several components to express the heterogeneity of this concept. Currently testing of these measures is underway.

Kai Hockerts

Impact of Third Sector Social Innovation (ITSSOIN)

The EU-funded Impact of Third Sector on Social Innovation (ITSSOIN) project seeks to demonstrate the third sector’s core impact dimensions and its contribution to the emergence, dissemination and standardization of social innovation in several areas, including environmental sustainability. The project also studies the broader impact of volunteering on society and the role volunteers play in enabling the third sector to be socially innovative and enhance its socio-economic and environmental impact.

Maria Figueroa

Co-Creating Social Entrepreneurship

Globalization has made co-creation an interesting area of human curiosity and research action. This project looks at how one should understand, create meaning around co-creation and use it to make innovations sustainable, beyond one’s own geographical reference. Co-creation does not presuppose the pre-eminence of knowledge, but a need for shared experience around a locus where work on the solution will take place and aim at creating future markets with a focus on innovative sets of products, policies, strategies, alliances, services and models.

Sudhanshu Rai

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability

This project on Sustainable Entrepreneurship is funded by the Velux Foundation and based at the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School. The principal investigator is Professor (mso) Bent Meier Sørensen. The aim is to explore the nature and potential of sustainable entrepreneurship through philosophically informed engagement with the conceptual history, the political discourse and the everyday practice of sustainable entrepreneurship. This project offers philosophical inquiry as a resource with which to imaginatively explore and rethink the concept and practice of sustainable entrepreneurship.

Bent Meier Sørensen

Lena Olaison

Christian Germann

Sustainable Entrepreneurship: Possibilities of Growth

Completed in January 2017, this project investigated whether the imperative of being entrepreneurial has become a catchphrase for incorporating a concern for sustainability. The project explored philosophically how the injunction on entrepreneurs to become sustainable makes the entrepreneurial imperative more complex and demanding. It is hoped that the project, will contribute to a better understanding of the conceptual contradictions inherent in sustainable entrepreneurship as well as the challenges experienced by the entrepreneurs themselves.

Lena Olaison

Bent Meier Sørensen

Christian Germann

Social Entrepreneurship Index

Impact investing has taken off as a new finance category and social enterprises have begun to “compete” with traditional charities in the delivery of public goods. However, to date there is very little systematic data available. To address that short-coming CBS is planning to create a “Social Entrepreneurship Index”. The goal would be to create a global database which would serve as a point of reference for regional and global trends in the social enterprise sector (in terms of growth, profitability, funding sources). The index would become the basis for later research.

Kai Hockerts

The Social Entrepreneurship Cluster

The Social Entrepreneurship (S-ENT) Research Cluster within the CBS Entrepreneurship Platform seeks to enhance collaborative and interdisciplinary research in S-ENT related areas, drawing on expertise from across departments at CBS. The central aim for the cluster is to develop a core group of committed CBS researchers, facilitating interdisciplinary S-ENT related research across the whole of CBS, and enhancing the impact of S-ENT research at CBS. The intention is also to attract external funding through joint research proposals. Furthermore, the cluster organises various workshops in the field of S-ENT with the participation of international scholars outside CBS and speakers from businesses, NGOs, and governments.

Social entrepreneurship courses at CBS include:
1. Introduction to Social Entrepreneurship
2. Social Entrepreneurship: Creating Social Change Using the Power of Entrepreneurship
3. Social Entrepreneurship (MOOC, see p. 23)
4. Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Mandatory Master)
5. Re-Imagining Capitalism (Elective Master)
6. Tourism Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability (Mandatory Bachelor)
7. Sustainability Challenges 1: Multi-disciplinary Approaches (Elective Master)
8. Sustainability Challenges 2: Specific Systems and Capstone Project (Elective Master)

Cluster Leader: Professor, Kai Hockerts
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