Green Expertise in Research

Addressing green issues through research and education is a complex practice that often exceeds disciplinary boarders. We have identified five core themes where we can contribute to Green Transition research and education.

CBS Green Transition Research - Central SSH Dimensions

Cross-disciplinary themes

Green Transition research is often associated with new technologies and technical innovations. Many social science research questions are, however, crucial in order to understand barriers and potentials and realize the environmental and economic impact both of new technologies and of changed behavior of consumers, companies and public entities. As shown in the framework below, we have identified a number of core themes (horizontal) and core areas (vertical) across CBS, where we can contribute to Green Transition research. The horizontal core themes are cross-disciplinary by nature and thus dealt with at different departments at our university. Explore each theme below and get introduced to our researchers and their projects. Feel free to contact faculty directly or reach out to us for more information.

Green Finance & Accounting

Sustainable Behaviour and Consumption

Green Digitalization

Innovation and Sustainable Business Practices

Markets, Regulation & Policy

Green Transition of the Energy Sector

CBS Maritime

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