CBS Leadership Think Tank: Leadership for the Future

What does leadership look like in a world of constant change?

On a backlog of the climate crisis, geopolitical changes, inequality discussions, and other impactful megatrends, the world is facing a shift in paradigms. Big forces are at play and strong, responsible leadership is needed to find new answers to increasingly complex challenges.

But what does the future of leadership look like, and what are the critical leadership capabilities in a world of constant change?

In the Leadership Think Tank, we combine the newest research with the experiences of leadership practitioners, to create a visionary, robust, and nuanced picture of the future of leadership.


With over 50 members, the Think Tank brings together a diverse group of accomplished leadership practitioners and distinguished researchers from CBS. Together, the members represent inspiring leadership experiences and mindsets that will facilitate the quest to develop new thinking about leadership.

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The Think Tank members will meet four times.

The Think Tank will start with an open, explorative approach, and conclude with tangible takeaways, that can inspire and engage a larger audience outside the Think Tank.

The final gathering will be an event to share discoveries and join discussions about the future of leadership. 


The theme of our first workshop in August 2023 was Uncover – uncovering the elements of transformation.

Here, we explored the concept of transformation and discussed the underlying characteristics that drive the change that are experienced in leadership roles.


The theme of our second workshop in November 2023 was Explore – exploring key drivers in leadership.

Here, we explored the key drivers needed at the organizational and personal level to build successful leadership capabilities for the future.


The theme of our third workshop in March 2024 is Envision – envisioning the future of leadership.

WORKSHOP #4: Public Event

For our last event 19th September 2024, we want to extend our reach with an open, free event. The focus is Engage – engaging peers in the journey to future leadership.

Here, we will share our discoveries about the future of leadership with a broader audience – recognizing the importance of reaching beyond the confines of the Think Tank group, to really make an impact and to further build on our learnings. This task begins at our September event, but certainly does not end here!

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