Responsibility at CBS


CBS has an excellent research track record in areas related to responsible management, such as CSR, sustainability, social entrepreneurship and development studies in the form of journal articles, books, research projects, conferences, workshops and PhD projects.


This section provides an overview of research projects and activities presented by topic in the left-hand menu.

Here is an overview of peer reviewed articles and the number of which relates to responsible management:  

  2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017
Total number of peer-reviewed articles  467 449 521 563 559 452 442
Peer-reviewed articles related to responsible management 62 52 71 86 98 111 167
FT-45 articles related to responsible management  4 7 15 15 11 15 15*

* FT-50 articles related to responsible management

"Responsible management research and education fits perfectly with CBS' Business in Society Strategy, renewed in 2016. It is a prime example of a new management practice that responds to societal challenges. This is a topic on which CBS can engage with society in general, and the business community in particular, and cooperate with adequate responses through reflection and integrative thinking. This leads to educational initiatives that are up to date and which can challenge current practices. In sum, it is an example of the challenge-engage-think triangle which is central to our Business in Society strategy. Consequently, responsible management research and education is definitely a priority for CBS in the years to come, and we are proud of the achievements of our researchers in this field. "

Peter Møllgaard

Former Dean of Research


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