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  • 01.11.22
    How does integration, convergence and economic policy apply in Europe? Find out in this month's spotlight on new research publications from CBS, where you can learn more about the many current topics in the world of research.
  • 31.10.22
    Nine out of ten companies offer their employees the opportunity to work from home. This development challenges leaders, but it can be handled with openness and involvement and the right mix of trust and supervision, is the advice offered by researchers.
  • 27.10.22
    When can we expect inflation to come down and what are the longer-term effects? CBS Professor Jesper Rangvid gives an overview of where the Danish economy stands and where it is heading in a time of very high inflation.
  • 26.10.22
    The international organisation AACSB has just issued a special seal of approval to CBS, which means that CBS meets the organisation’s standards for international business schools.
  • 24.10.22
    The majority of companies are still not able to understand their data, but this will change in the near future, says Raghava Rao Mukkamala, Associate Professor.
  • 24.10.22
    Throughout week 44, the entire public sector will be focusing on leadership as leaders at all levels, leadership associations, researchers and many more are invited to discuss tendencies, nerd new knowledge and share examples of best leadership practices in connection with the Leadership Week.
  • 24.10.22
    Innovation: There is much to gain if public leaders manage to establish the right conditions for innovation in an everyday context. The key factors include knowledge of operations, knowledge generation and inclusion.
  • 21.10.22
    Silicon Valley has taken over the digital world, but how should Danish tech start-ups navigate the current infrastructure? American professor shares his points at the Digital Tech Summit 2022.
  • 17.10.22
    The public sector is at great risk of trying to have it both ways, says Professor Niels Åkerstrøm Andersen. Constant transformation has become all the rage at the cost of great frustration to management, staff members and regular citizens. This is his characterisation of the sector’s development.
  • 11.10.22
    The Danish Arne pension will somewhat redress inequality in Denmark, where unskilled workers die almost eight years earlier than academics, leaving them with a shorter retirement period. However, politicians should consolidate the right to earlier retirement and develop new “Svend incentives”, making the highly educated work longer, says Svend Erik Hougaard Jensen, Director of the Pension Research Centre at CBS.