Sustainable Behavior and Consumption

What is the relation between the individual and large-scale problems related to climate change and biodiversity? This question is at the core when our researchers provide the evidence-base to guide governments and corporations to initiate behavioral change.


Problematizing household behavior

CBS’ research within Green Behaviour targets the fact that individual and household behaviour play a substantial role in impacting the environment. Behavioural Green Transition research spans over a broad variety of methods and subjects, including experimental research, within consumer behaviour disciplines and circular economy. The focus of research within Green Behaviour is the individual, her personal product choices, and her relation to large-scale problems related to climate change and biodiversity. The aim is to provide the evidence-base to effectively guide governments and corporations to initiate behavioural change of individuals in their role as buyers, citizens, and members of households.


Research questions within the field of Sustainable Behaviour and Consumption include: How and when will consumers adopt new technological solutions? How can we use tools as nudging and choice architecture to sell sustainable goods and services to consumers? How do we foster public acceptance of green technologies and policies? What kind of green innovations do consumers want?


Research highlights

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