• 22.08.2017

    The benefits of employee predictions should be available to companies

    Can employee predictions be transformed into a formula and create data of crucial value to influence top management decisions? A new research project will study whether so-called crowd predictions can function as a management tool. The Danish Industry Foundation has granted approximately DKK 3.3 million for the project.
  • 09.08.2017

    The introduction activities are key for getting off to a good start at CBS

    Every year, new bachelor students at CBS are invited to participate in a series of planned introduction activities. The purpose of these activities is to help students get off to a good start at CBS. Although participation is not mandatory, CBS strongly recommends that all new students make participation a priority.
  • 01.08.2017

    CBS in August

    It is summer, and many are on vacation, but CBS is still open. CBS participates in Copenhagen Pride 2017 for the first time. Different events will also be held including a discussion about whether spoken language is sloppy and a conference on how banks should manage assets.
  • 28.07.2017

    Admission GPAs in 2017

    For the majority of CBS' 19 bachelor programmes, GPAs have remained stable in comparison with 2016, with only small changes in the GPAs in general. In cases where there has been change, this is largely due to few applicants – and their GPAs – to the relevant programmes.
  • 07.07.2017

    Multi-million grant goes to CBS management research

    Is it possible to better the management of companies by means of an app that whispers wise words to the manager through the phone in the pocket? The Danish Industry Foundation has granted approximately DKK 13 million to three projects which should improve the performance of the Danish manager.
  • 04.07.2017

    CBS in July

    July generally means summer holiday for many of us. However, you will still be able to attend interesting events at CBS. Which relations exist between economy and religion? What does the philanthropy of tomorrow look like? These are some of the questions that will be discussed at CBS in July.
  • 23.06.2017

    Going to Roskilde Festival in the name of research

    How do festivalgoers feel comfortable? How can their answers be used to giving them a better experience - by the hour? Is it possible to predict how many burgers are consumed during the next couple of hours to keep supplies coming and provide you with your favourite food? Have you ever worked as a volunteer - and if yes, are you a Bart or a Marge? These are some of the issues that CBS researchers are looking into at Roskilde Festival using big data.
  • 21.06.2017

    Rent out a room to an exchange student

    Every year, Copenhagen Business School welcomes exchange students from the whole world. They need a place to stay. Renting out one of your rooms is a unique opportunity to help a student and expand your horizon.
  • 13.06.2017

    CBS joins a new UN equal rights initiative

    More women in the C-suite. This is the ambition of a new initiative from UN Women and Boston Consulting Group, which CBS President Per Holten-Andersen recently has become part of.