Department of Organization

Department of Organization

Department of Organization pursues a problem-oriented, business-in-society approach to understanding organizations and organizational phenomena at all levels. Our research and teaching focus upon organizing processes and their outcomes from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective.


New co-authored publication (in the journal Leadership): The fallacy of discrete authentic leader behaviours: Locating authentic leadership in interaction
magnus larsson
Professor Eva Boxenbaum receives the EliteForsk Award 2021! The Award is the most prestigious research award in Denmark and given to five researchers who have contributed with excellent research
eva boxenbaum elite
Associate Professors Morten Knudsen and Magnus Larsson co-authoring a new publication in the journal Teaching Public Administration: The deep organisation: The organisational view in a public management and leadership development programme
morten og magnus
New co-authored publication in the journal Environmental Politics: Narrating plastics governance: policy narratives in the European plastics strategy
jacob hasselbalch
New co-authored publication in Project Management Journal: Bright and dark spots in project studies: Continuing efforts to advance theory development and debate
Joana Geraldi
New co-auhtored publication in the journal American Behavioral Scientist: Profiting on crisis: How predatory financial investors have worsened inequality in the coronavirus crisis
megan neely
New Publication in Journal of Cultural Economy: Hirschman’s Exit, Voice, and Loyalty and contemporary economic sociology
jose ossandon
New co-authored publication in Journal of Interprofessional Care: A transactional approach to patient safety: understanding safe care as a collaborative accomplishment
kirstine z pedersen
New co-authored publication in Journal of International Business Policy: Linking Malawi’s agricultural sector to global value chains: The case for community governance
Stine haakonsson malawi
New publication: The double darkness of digitalization: shaping digital-ready legislation to reshape the conditions for public-sector digitalization (in Science, Technology & Human Values)
ursula lise
New Publication in Research Policy: Isomorphic difference: Familiarity and distinctiveness in national research and innovation policies - by Professor Alan Irwin, Assistant Professor Jane Bjørn Vedel, Professor MSO Signe Vikkelsø
jane alan signe
New Co-Authored Publication in Industrial and Corporate Change: Catching up through green windows of opportunity in an era of technological transformation: Empirical evidence from the Chinese wind energy sector
lars og stine
Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant: AnthroTax: Tax evasion for market control: Predatory economies in practice
karen and robin
New Co-Authored Publication in Politics & Society: Quiet Politics, Trade Unions, and the Political Elite Network: The Case of Denmark
anton og christoph
New co-authored publication on Paradigms and the political economy of ecopolitical projects in the journal Competition & Change
hubert buch
New Publication in 'New Political Econmy' Journal on Managing Macroeconomic Neoliberalism
oddny cornel
Velux Foundation granting: DKK 100 million for the ADD project: Algorithms, Data and Democracy’ – How can we as a society and as humans learn to embrace algorithms and artificial intelligence?
slider len
Associate Professors Trine Pallesen and José Ossandón and Post Doc Peter Holm Jacobsen are joining forces in a new green transition project on energy resources
peter trine jose
Professor Susana Borrás, Associate Professor Trine Pallesen, Associate Professor Stine Haakonsson in a new project on green transition funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark
Susana trine stine
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