Department of Organization

Department of Organization

Department of Organization pursues a problem-oriented, business-in-society approach to understanding organizations and organizational phenomena at all levels. Our research and teaching focus upon organizing processes and their outcomes from an interdisciplinary social-scientific perspective.


New Publication in Research Policy: Isomorphic difference: Familiarity and distinctiveness in national research and innovation policies - by Professor Alan Irwin, Assistant Professor Jane Bjørn Vedel, Professor MSO Signe Vikkelsø
jane alan signe
New Co-Authored Publication in Industrial and Corporate Change: Catching up through green windows of opportunity in an era of technological transformation: Empirical evidence from the Chinese wind energy sector
lars og stine
Marie Curie Individual Fellowship Grant: AnthroTax: Tax evasion for market control: Predatory economies in practice
karen and robin
New Co-Authored Publication in Politics & Society: Quiet Politics, Trade Unions, and the Political Elite Network: The Case of Denmark
anton og christoph
New co-authored publication on Paradigms and the political economy of ecopolitical projects in the journal Competition & Change
hubert buch
New co-authored publication in Human Relations: Changing Times for Digitalization
sofia pemsel slider
New Publication in 'New Political Econmy' Journal on Managing Macroeconomic Neoliberalism
oddny cornel
New Publications in Project Management Journal on Plagiarism and Self-Plagiarism in Project Studies
joana geraldi
Velux Foundation granting: DKK 100 million for the ADD project: Algorithms, Data and Democracy’ – How can we as a society and as humans learn to embrace algorithms and artificial intelligence?
slider len
New SDC International Report 2020: Cooperating for Energy Transition
Stine haakonsson
New co-authored Book: Eclectic Analytical Strategies
emil bog
Associate Professors Trine Pallesen and José Ossandón and Post Doc Peter Holm Jacobsen are joining forces in a new green transition project on energy resources
peter trine jose
Professor Susana Borrás, Associate Professor Trine Pallesen, Associate Professor Stine Haakonsson in a new project on green transition funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark
Susana trine stine
Professor Eva Boxenbaum and Professor Renate Meyer have received a major grant from The Velux Foundations Humanities Programme
renate og eva
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