New publication on classifications of and around algorithms by Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner
Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner just published results from their observational study of a flagship predictive algorithm project in a special issue on ‘Digitizing Valuation’:
Justesen, L. & Plesner, U. (2024) Angry Citizens and Black Belt Employees: Cascading Classifications of and around a Predictive Algorithm, Valuation Studies 11(1) 2024: 9–37

Ursula Plesner writes a new column for Mandag Morgen
In a column in the weekly newsletter Mandag Morgen, Ursula Plesner writes about leadership in digital transformations, arguing for ‘realism’ and an iterative approach based on proximity to tasks and employees. It is available here

New publication on ’prepping’ by Erik Mygind du Plessis and Emil Husted
Erik Mygind du Plessis and Emil Husted have published a new article in the journal Social Movement Studies. The article focuses on ‘prepping’ as a form of implicit activism and argues that social movement scholars should begin to take prepping more seriously. The article can be accessed for free here

New publication by Morten Knudsen
Morten Knudsen and Sharon Kishik have a new publication: 'Organizational change structures: exploring the organizational conditions for sustainable change in the agro-industry'. It was published in Journal of Organizational Change Management and can be found here.

A new podcast episode on Invisible Work
In the latest podcast in the series ‘Få det til at ske’, host Henrik Dresbøll and Ursula Plesner discuss invisible digi-work. They talk about the concepts of connecting, compensating and cleaning work, and reflect on how this vocabulary can inform organizations’ understanding of otherwise unintended implications of digitalization projects.

New publication by Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner
Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner have a new publication (as part of the VIEW project) entitled ‘Invisible Digi-Work: Compensating, connecting, and cleaning in digitalized organizations’. It is published in Organization Theory (2024) and is available here:here

Ursula Plesner and Frank Meier disseminate VIEW research insights in Børsen
The Danish daily business news outlet Børsen has teamed up with CBS Leadership Centre to publish regular comments by researchers, and this one is by the VIEW project participants Ursula Plesner and Frank Meier arguing that complex digital projects are in need of leadership work to extend hope when projects encounter setbacks. The article was reprinted in English for the booklet at CBS Annual Celebration, 2024.

Louise Jørring visits Royal Holloway University of London
In January 2024, Ph.D. fellow Louise Jørring participated in a brief research exchange at the Royal Holloway University of London (RHUL). As a part of her stay, she met with Professor Gillian Symon, RHUL, and Dr. Rebecca Whiting, Birkbeck University of London. They discussed topics related to invisible and meaningful work in the context of digitalization. January, 2024.

Ursula Plesner writes a column for Mandag Morgen
In a column in the weekly newsletter Mandag Morgen, Ursula Plesner asks the question: "Who dares to stop digital innovation?" She does not suggest that all digital innovation should be paused, but rather points to instances where it should not be ignored that a digitalization project has gone off track. The column lists multiple reasons why organizations ignore malfunctioning digitalization projects and describes organizational ignorance mechanisms that leaders should be aware of. 29.11.23

Ursula Plesner is featured in 21 Søndag
Ursula Plesner was featured in a 21 Søndag story on the new automated property tax system, discussing it as an example of the tendency in the Danish public sector to develop overly complicated digital systems in an attempt to match a highly complex and dynamic reality. 12.11.23

The magazine Perspektiv brings an interview with Ursula Plesner
The magazine Perspektiv featured a long article on invisible work related to new technology, based on an interview with Ursula Plesner. Here, she discusses how the lack of acknowledgement of invisible work becomes a problem for individual employees. She suggests that a way forward is precisely to acknowledge and de-individualize the unintended extra work resulting from many digitalization projects. 27.10.23

Ursula Plesner is interviewed for P1 Orientering
Ursula Plesner was interviewed for the broadcast P1 Orientering, discussing the controversial new property tax system. She proposes that perhaps Denmark's impressive world-class public digitalization status fuels overambitious and very costly new digitalization projects that are more than difficult to realize. 18.9.23

New publication by Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner
As part of the VIEW project, Lise Justesen and Ursula Plesner have a new publication entitled ‘Visibility Management: New Managerial Work in Digitalized Organizations’. It was published in M@n@gement (2023) and is available here. 15.09.23

Ursula Plesner is interviewed in Mandag Morgen
In a feature article in the weekly newsletter Mandag Morgen, Ursula Plesner was interviewed about how invisible work creates large amounts of extra work for managers. 17.4.23

Frank Meier is nominated for CBS Leadership Think Tank
Frank Meier, one of the researchers in VIEW, is nominated for the CBS Leadership Centre's Leadership Think Tank, Leadership for the Future. The Think Tank meets regularly through 2023 - 2024 to explore questions on what leadership looks like in a world of constant change. Included in this change is the massive digital transformation and the invisible work that goes into this. March, 2023.


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