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Here you will find a short presentation and overview of IOA's research areas




Our research is focused upon organizing processes and their outcomes, and driven by an interest in organization as a practical, situated, contested and changing matter. We study many different types of organizational phenomena ranging from the dynamics of formal organizations – public and private – to the organizing of fields, markets, agencies and networks. Our approach includes a focus on organizational structures and processes, organizational strategies and work practices, as well as the role of technology and human relations in organizations.
Our current key research areas are:
•    Organizing processes and innovation
•    Technology and organization
•    Organizational change
•    Organization of markets
•    Public organization and governance
•    Leadership development
•    Human resource management
•    Organizational identity and diversity
The department’s scholars form an interdisciplinary collective combining a number of social scientific traditions, such as sociology, social psychology, anthropology, philosophy, political science and cultural and communication theory. We value empirical studies of organization highly and adopt case study methods and ethnographic fieldwork, but we are also curious of other ways of studying organizations.

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Department of Organization
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