imagine .. Centre for Creative Industries and Institutions

imagine.. is a centre for leading research and public debate on creativity, cities and communities; creative individuals, business and industries, as well as cultural organizations and institutions, with a particular focus on increasing the standing reach of CBS international publications in these areas. The research centre is established at the Department of Organization (IOA) and counts with (but is not limited to) cross-departmental collaborators at the CBS Department of Marketing (MARKTG), Management, Politics and Philosophy (MPP), and Management, Society and Communication (MSC). It is a multi-disciplinary centre, which spans approaches from organization theory and sociology of culture to urban governance and cultural economics, among others.

Purpose and profile

The centre aims to undertake research towards enhancing understanding of how cities, creative indsutries and cultural institutions are organized and organize others to play an important role in sustaining civic creativity, democratic societies, and thriving local communities, as well as in contributing to solving business and societal challenges. Research at the centre focuses on creativity, cultural economy, creative indsutries, and cities as drivers in tackling environmental problems such as climate change and ubran sustainability, or responding to wicked social problems, particularly under-explored in creative industries' contexts, such as invisibilities, inequalities, and injustice. The ambition is to advance novel methodologies that allow expanding the empirical analysis and strengthen theory building in the domain of creative industries and institutions in Danish, Nordic and other international contexts.

Centre's leadership

The centre is led by co-directors Professor Jesper Strandgaard and Professor Silviya Svejenova from the Department of Organization (IOA).

The internal board consists of the two co-directors and 3 additional members from different departments: Associate Professor Ana Alacovska (MSC), Professor mso Trine Bille (MPP), and Professor mso Bo Christensen (Marketing).

Previous directors:
Jesper Strandgaard, Professor at the Department of Organization (2005-2006; 2007-2020)
Mark Lorenzen, Associate Professor at the Department of Strategy & Innovation (2006-2007)
Brian Moeran, Professor at the Department of Intercultural Communication and Management (2004-2005)


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