• Presentation of work in progress, Hunter Heyck ‘Organization and the age of system’, September 21. 
  • Workshop ‘Governing the Middle 2’, September 20.


  • Workshop ‘The ethnography of markets, contemporary challenges’, a collaboration between CMV and The Research Center for Culture and Economy (NuCEC), at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, June 11 and 12.
  • Conference ‘Market Situations-Situated Markets’ The 5th Interdisciplinary Market Studies Workshop, CMV acted as co-organizer, June 6 to 8.
  • Presentation of work in progress, Annika Skoglund (co-authored with Steffen Böhm) ‘Renewable Energy Activism: How people bring about the sustainability transition across business and society’, February 22.
  • Presentation of work in progress, Jaime Stapleton, ‘The Cultural Roots of Some Economic Theories’, January 26.
  • Workshop ‘Governing the Middle: platforms, standards, practices and the organization of contemporary matters of collective concerns’, December 12. 
  • Practitioner-seminar, Martin Lervad Lundø, Director of DataHub, ‘DataHub and design of a sustainable retail electricity market’, November 2.


  • Presentation of work in progress: Tomas Ariztia ‘Consumer databases as practical accomplishments: the making of digital objects, in three movements”, June 20.
  • Presentation of work in progress: Stefan Schwarzkopf ‘Consumer-Citizens: Markets, Marketing, and the Making of ‘Choice’, April 19. 
  • Seminars with Keith Tribe: ‘The history of concepts as a method to study the economy and markets’ and ‘Max Weber's Lecture: Science as a Vocation’, November 23 and 24.
  • Presentation of work in progress: Hanna Borgblad, Valuations of urban art, November 3. 


  • Presentation of work in progress, Tsutomu Nakano, ‘What is ‘Good’ Sound?’, May 30.
  • Presentation of work in progress, David Nye ‘Moonlight Towers’ (part of “Illuminations and Expositions: American urban lighting, 1800-1915” forthcoming from MIT Press), May 19. 
  • Presentation of work in progress, Ian Hunter ‘The History of Theory’ and ‘Spirituality and Philosophy in Post-Structuralist Theory’, May 12.
  • Reading group, ‘pragmatism and empiricism as stances and methods to study markets: Charles Peirce: "What pragmatism is" and Bas Van Fraassen “Lecture 2: What is empiricism and what could it be”’, March 8.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Hans Kjellberg (co-authored with David Olson) ‘Joint markets. Historical and systemic dependencies in the formation of legal cannabis markets’, November 18.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Alexandre Mallard ‘Governance of innovation through norms and standards in the construction sector’, October 21. 


  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Paul du Gay & Signe Vikkelsø ‘“Outside Organization”: The Idea of a “Metaphysical Stance” in Organization Studies’, June 3.
  • Reading group,  G. Ahrne, P. Aspers and N. Brunsson ‘The Organization of Markets’, April 15th.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Peter Skærbæk Kjell Tryggestad ‘Accounting inscriptions in outsourcing trials of strength: time-space dynamics’, February 18.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Ann-Christina Lange, ‘Crowding of Adaptive Strategies: Swarm Theory and High-Frequency Trading’, January 21.
  • Workshop, ‘Markets for Collective Concerns’, Speakers: Philip Mirowski, Nicholas Gane, Annelise Riles, Daniel Breslau, Daniel Neyland, Liliana Doganova, Brice Laurent and Peter Karne, December 12. 
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Rasmus Ploug Jenle, ‘Deploying markets for control – flexibility as liquidity’, November 19.
  • Reading group, Luc Boltanski’s book Mysteries and Conspiracies: Detective Stories, Spy Novels and the Making of Modern Societies, October 29.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Karen Boll (IOA), ‘State regulation through co-production and market mechanisms – Is ‘Neoliberal Tax Management’ taking form?’, October 22.


  • Reading group, Chapters 4 to 6 of Philip Mirowski’s book Never Let a Serious Crisis go to Waste, chapters 1 to 3, June 18.
  • Reading group, Chapters 1 to 3 of Philip Mirowski’s book Never Let a Serious Crisis go to Waste, chapters 1 to 3, May 7.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Manuel Tironi, ‘Neoliberal electricity: economics and the purification of energy’, March 5.
  • Reading group, Chapters (14, 15 and 16) of Bruno Latour’s An Inquiry into Modes of Existence. January 5.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Trine Pallesen, ‘The value of Price’. December 3.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Mariana Heredia, ‘The Convertibility puzzle: The intervention of local economists in Argentina’s path to neoliberalism’, November 4.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Daniel Neyland, 'The Mosquito Multiple: Malaria and Market-Based Initiatives', October 1.


  • Workshop, ‘Paying Attention to Observation Theory: A Conversation on Finance, Networks and Observation Theory’, with Elena Esposito, and David Stark, May 27.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Dean Pierides & Jon Roffe, ‘What is a market? Melbourne research on organization, society and markets’, April 17.
  • Reading group, Breslau, D. (2011) ‘What Do Market Designers Do When They Design Markets?’ and Roth, A. (2002), ‘The economist as engineer: game theory, Experimentation, and computation As tools for design economics’, March 11.
  • Reading group, T. Mitchell (2011) Carbon Democracy: Political Power in the Age of Oil, February 4.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Peter Karnøe & Liliana Doganova, ‘Controversial valuations: Assembling environmental concerns and economic worth in clean-tech markets’, January 28.
  • Presentation of work-in-progress, Jose Ossandon & Sebastian Ureta, ‘Taming Uncivilized Markets’. December 12.



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