OT@IOA is a cross-group initiative aimed at connecting scholars at IOA with an interest in advancing the domain of Organization Theory (OT), which develops generalizable insight into organizations, the organized, organizing processes within and between organizations, the relationship between organizations and their environments, and the role of organizations in society.

OT@IOA is open to theoretical plurality and a broad range of qualitative methods to advance the understanding of organizational phenomena. Our aim is the development of theory and empirical research that are of high academic quality and that address contemporary challenges to organizational life and the broader society.


OT@IOA generally organizes three types of academic activities to support OT scholars at IOA in developing their research ideas into funding proposals and then papers and in publishing qualitative research in highly recognized international journals within the field of Organization Theory.

OT@IOA Publishing Seminars on qualitative methods and international publication.

OT@IOA Conversation Series to provide inspiration for new ideas through dialogue and cross-fertilization between Organization Theory and other fields, usually with an external presenting their work, and an internal provocateur, offering alternative perspectives on the topic.

OT@IOA Publishing Workshops where authors receive constructive input on their manuscripts from other group members, which include active editors of Organization Studies and Organization Theory (SAGE journals associated with EGOS). Our scope is limited to manuscripts that have received a revise and resubmit (R&R) invitation to the following journals: Academy of Management Journal; Academy of Management Review; Organization Studies; Organization Science; Organization; Journal of Management Studies; Human Relations.

Finally, the OT@IOA engages proactively with the international community of organizational scholars through a variety of activities and leadership roles in the OMT Division (Organization and Management Theory) of the Academy of Management, and in EGOS (European Group for Organizational Studies).


OT@IOA is a cross-group initiative, led by CORI, COT, Imagine..., PnO, and WETO.  The groups take turns in organizing OT@IOA activities.
CORI (Silviya Svejenova), Spring 2023
COT (Joana Geraldi), Fall 2023
Imagine.., (Jesper Strandgaard) Spring 2024
PnO, Fall 2024
WETO, Spring, 2025

OT@IOA was first funded in 2009 and evolved through several formats and leaderships throughout the years. Yet, its soul was kept alive and striving, advocating for high quality and hence insightful organizational scholarship at IOA. PDF icon Here you can find the prior coordinators

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