Centre for Public Organization, Value and Innovation (POVI)

Ditte Thøgersen has succesfully defended her PhD thesis: Managing Public Innovation on the Frontline - Click here to read more
ditte thogersen
POVI PhD Fellow Ditte Thøgersen awarded with the IRSPM Stephen Osborne Prize for best new researcher paper 2021
ditte thogersen
Konference om Infrastrukturstyring og Statsgarantimodellen
From the seminar with Mark Moore at Tivoli Kongrescenter. Click here for more activities and events.
Mark Moore
Associate professor Susanne Boch Waldorff. Professor WSR Anne Reff Pedersen and Professor Carsten Greve
POVI team

The POVI Centre
Public Organizations, Values and Innovation

The aim of the center is to understand how public organizations organize themselves in complex modern democracies and how contemporary governance models and innovation play an important role in solving contemporary policy challenges. These challenges are located in different policy areas such as health, security, public infrastructure, climate, anti-corruption, and equality. The overall ambition of POVI is to advance research in the area of public organizations, value and innovation in Denmark as well as internationally. Three themes will enhance our understanding of future ways within public organizing:

  • Reform and value processes in new governance models
  • Transformation of public organizations
  • Nordic Public innovation processes and models

The center is concerned with the development of new reforms and governance models to solve contemporary policy challenges.  Examples of new governance models are: e-governance, with emphasis on the interaction between public and private digitalization processes, public value governance with emphasis on replacing new public management tools with public value concepts and Nordic models of governance embracing values of participatory democracy, public ethos & conduct as well as welfare models.
The center is also concerned with the transformations of new ways of organizing. Examples are new ways of implementing polices in organizations by translation and value processes, public, private partnerships, resulting in new types of organizing and a focus on the public office, with an emphasis on the treats against bureaucracy and public capacities in modern democracies.
Last but not least, the center is focusing on how new ways of organizing results in public innovation, as both everyday innovation in the public organizations and as specific Nordic innovation models.          

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