About IOA

The Department of Organization (IOA) is a thriving and longstanding academic environment dedicated to organizational research and teaching. Pursuing a problem-oriented, business-in-society-approach to studying and theorizing organizations and organizing processes at all levels, we carry out high quality research and research-based teaching characterized by empirical curiosity, methodological rigor, theoretical depth, and critical thinking. We make an impact by publishing our research in academic journals and books, contributing to setting the national and international academic agenda, educating reflexive and responsible students, and identifying and innovatively responding to societal needs and grand challenges.

Our research and teaching address organizational and managerial processes and consequences in workplaces, organizations and networks. This includes studies of private companies, public organizations, professional societies as well as NGOs. More specifically, we investigate and discuss issues such as organization of innovation, change and reform processes, work and human resources, project management, institutional dynamics, market formation, social networks and power.

IOA teaches core courses in organizational theory and analysis at all levels of the CBS degree programs. We also deliver teaching in international political economy, HRM, project management, change management, organizational psychology, leadership, qualitative methods and many other courses. Our teaching aims to combine theoretical curiosity, critical reflexivity, empirical specificity and practical relevance. It is a key ambition to make any student aware that most social phenomena rest upon and involve organization of some sort.

“At the Department of Organization, we engage with business and society through our research and teaching to address pressing challenges and contribute to public problem solving. We communicate actively about our research findings and strive to be innovative in our teaching of students. Organizing for a responsible society is a prime driver, and we invite you to a dialogue about common challenges”

Carsten Greve, Head of Department

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