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Aixa Alemán-Díaz, RIO member, Visiting Scholar at Lund University
Mathias Lund Larsen & Lars Oehler, RIO members, article in Climate Policy
Congratulations Jane, Jacob and Signe!
Alan Irwin appointed as Radboud Excellence Professor
Three new RIO members join the CAPACITOR project
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The Research, Innovation and Organization (RIO) group forms a collective of scholars at the Department of Organization (CBS), and is open to researchers interested in studying the organization of research and innovation. The group combines approaches based on Science and Technology Studies (STS), organization theory, policy studies and economic geography. Core to the RIO group is the understanding that the context and content of research and innovation is changing rapidly, and that this poses fundamental questions about its organizing in the public and private spheres. We are interested in different levels: from the micro-levels of intra-organizational interactions (within firms, across firms and universities), to meso-level (industrial sectors, large innovation eco-systems, or other inter-organizational cases), to macro levels of interactions (municipalities, regions, national and international levels).

The group meets regularly to discuss on-going research activities (such as working papers, or preliminary findings), to plan seminars and tracks in international conferences, to prepare PhD and other advanced teaching courses, and to discuss scientific advances with invited guests.

Current themes of interest include:

- The comparison of research and innovation policies
- The inter-organizational dynamics of research and innovation
- Organizing research and innovation for addressing grand challenges
- The organization of science and innovation, and its relation to democracy
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