Organizations, Markets and Governance (OMG)


OMG is active in raising external funds for original research. Previous grant sources have included the European Research Council, the European Commission, Carlsberg, the Independent Research Fund Denmark, the Luminate Foundation, the Institute for New Economic Thinking, the Velux Foundation and others. Current projects include: 

Accountability & Audit, funded by the Luminate Foundation (led by Duncan Wigan) 

CORPLINK, funded by the European Research Council (led at CBS by Len Seabrooke) 

Global Innovation Networks and Sustainable Energy, funded by the Sino Danish Center (led by Stine Haakonsson) 

LONGLINKS, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (led by Hubert Buch Hansen) 

NETCAREERS, funded by the Carlsberg Foundation (led by Lasse Folke Henriksen) 

NICHES, funded by the Velux Foundation (led by Len Seabrooke & Eleni Tsingou) 

TIME MIRROR, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (led at IOA by Len Seabrooke) 

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