People and Organizing (PnO)

Pno at EGOS 2023

Welcome to the People & Organizing (PnO) research group

In People & Organizing, we take a predominantly qualitative approach to the analysis of the human turn in organizations.

We have a double focus: on the one hand we study how organizational members, managers, employees, and clients make sense of their social world, e.g., at their workplace. One the other hand we analyze how their interpretations are intertwined with both social norms and governance structures.

We investigate research fields such as: professions, diversity, public governance & innovation, human resources, emotions, values & ethics, leadership, and organizational change/practices in public and private organizations.

Every semester our research group organizes various events where we discuss papers, research ideas, etc., and where we socialize to help everyone feel integrated in the group.

Our group is led by:

Associate professor, Frans Bevort

Associate professor, Karen Boll

Please contact us for any further information.


PnO program – spring 2024

Jan 9th: PnO Lunch: Short presentations around the table.

Feb 6th: PnO Lunch: Short presentations around the table.

Feb 29th: PnO Seminar: Seminar on alternative research dissemination.

March 12th: PnO Seminar: Presentation of funding applications (TBA)

April 14th: PnO Lunch: Poornima Luthra will present her research.

Maj 13th-14th: PnO Paper Games and Socializing                    

June 27th: PnO Seminar, Summer Greetings, and Dinner

The PnO program for fall 2024 will be updated mid-summer 2024.


PnO program - fall 2023

Aug 15th: PnO Lunch – shorts research presentations.

Sept 6th: PnO Lunch - short research and funding presentations.

Sept 28th: PnO Seminar – initiation of reading group in professions.

Oct 27th: PnO Seminar - workshop on ethnography with Shanti Sumartojo (public – registration required). Followed by internal PnO seminar and dinner.

Nov 1th-2rd: PnO Seminar - two day seminar with focus on strategy and writing.

Nov 15th: PnO Seminar – alternative research dissemination.

Nov 24th: PnO and CBS Leadership Centre seminar with G. Petriglieri (public).

Nov 30th: PnO and Sara Louise Muhr – book launches (public).

Dec 19th: PnO Lunch - Æbleskiver and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year


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