CBS Researcher wins prestigious Tietgen Prize

Behavioural scientist Florian Kock has received this year's Tietgen Prize of 500,000 DKK for his innovative and comprehensive research in the tourism and experience economy in Denmark.


By: Richard Steed / Photo: Carsten Lundager

Florian Kock uses evolutionary psychology to analyse the behaviour of modern humans today. Through his innovative approach to his field, he has been able to map and predict the changing travel patterns of tourists in light of the corona pandemic, among other things. Insights that have been useful for business, politics, and the media.

"Receiving this award is a great honour for me and has been a goal of mine for many years," says Florian Kock, who will use the half a million kroner that comes with the Tietgen Prize to build a doctoral colloquium where he will invite 15 talented young researchers, PhD students and assistant professors from around the world to Copenhagen to exchange and disseminate their knowledge in order to -  hopefully in the long term - attract it to Denmark.

"At the age of 35, you have a long list of publications with more than 2,000 citations behind you, you are at the top of your field of research, and you have even managed to communicate your knowledge widely for the benefit of business, politics and the media. And we can only support the fact that this grant will also be used to attract the best knowledge in the field to Denmark," says Jakob Roland Munch, chairman of the Tietgen Prize's award committee.

The Danish Society for Education and Business works fundamentally to raise the level of education and research in Denmark with a global, business perspective. DSEB annually awards the Tietgen Prize in recognition of significant research efforts by young researcher(s) in business-oriented humanities and social sciences, whose research works to the benefit of Danish business life.

Facts about DEA:

The Tietgen Prize has been awarded since 1929, when it was established to mark the centenary of C.F. Tietgen's birth. It is one of the largest and most prestigious prizes in the humanities and social sciences in the Nordic region.

The Tietgen Prize is awarded by an independent prize committee consisting of chairman Jakob Roland Munch, who is also a professor at KU, department director Mette Wier from DTU Management, professor Carsten Sørensen from CBS, associate professor Dorte Brogaard Kristensen from SDU, associate professor Helena Sandberg from Lund University and CEO of Rambøll Denmark Ib Enevoldsen.

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