Pride - a civil religion?


Can Pride be compared to religion? CBS and researchers from the Diversity and Difference Platform is examining this in a newly launched research project. The Independent Research Fund Denmark is supporting the project financially for a three-year period, and its main interest and context is this:

A pride parade is a public (and loud) celebration of the values that a democracy can’t be without: Tolerance, inclusivity, consideration for others. Collective confirmations of these values are often associated with the concept of a ‘people’s religion’: Prides celebrate universal values as a public ritual, but they can also cause friction in society. They can be hijacked by businesses and political groups. What will it take to keep Pride as an openpublic ritual in the future?

Still early days, the project invited everyone to join a talk and discussion during the resent Copenhagen Pride Week. Find out more in the many resources here:

Sidst opdateret: Business in Society platforms // 12/06/2023