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The urgent need to mitigate climate change, which is goal no. 13 in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, has led to an increased focus on sustainability and green transition within the social sciences. Research is now focusing on how climate neutrality can be reached, and how various forces can be mobilized and organized locally as well as internationally. In this podcast series, researchers involved in green transition projects will focus on sectors important to the green transition: Food, life science, energy, the public sector, etc. For each sector, the researchers will focus on specific managerial and governmental challenges that arise from translating abstract climate goals into tangible solutions. Based on their research, they will present knowledge about green transition, which they intend to develop and discuss in ways that are helpful to different types of actors such as entrepreneurs, managers, universities, public institutions, and corporations. This podcast series has been developed and recorded in collaboration with researchers and a podcast host at The Department of Organization, also called IOA, at Copenhagen Business School.

Find the podcast here: Apple Podcasts, Spotify.

Host: Marianne Kellmann, IOA 

Production team IOA:  Stine Haakonsson, Susanna Kugelberg, Marianne Kellmann, Emil Munk

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